Our Credentials
At Imperial Automotive we pride ourselves in our continuing effort to be highly
trained and certified in all the services we perform. Technicians continually attend
classes and are tested for certification.
You can be sure that your car is in the hands of a trained professional when you
have it serviced at Imperial.
Below are a list of our current certifications as tested by The National Institute for
Automotive Service Excellence

Dan  - Master Technician.  Certified in Engine Repair;   Automatic Transmission /
Transaxle;   Manual Drive Train and Axles;   Suspension & Steering;   Brakes;   
Electrical / Electronic Systems;   Heating & Air Conditioning;  Engine Performance;   
Advanced Engine Performance.

Nick  - Service manager / Technician.  Certified in Brakes; Engine Repair;
Steering & Suspension; Heating and Air Conditioning.

Arthur  - Technician.  Certified in Engine Repair;   Suspension & Steering;  
Brakes;   Electrical / Electronic Systems;   Heating & Air Conditioning;   Engine
Performance;   Advanced Engine Performance.

Jake  - Technician. Certified in Brakes.

John  - Technician.